June 12, 2016 in Kiev the second module of the training program “Art-photo support in psychological counseling” by Виктория Назаревич had passed.

The work plan for this day was:

1. Working with own photo documentation
2. Working with associative photographic materials
3. Photographing objects and situations
4. Photo-collage and photo-assemblage


1. “My memory” – working with primordial images in drawings, pictures.
2. “Personal myth” – working with own family album.
3. “Collage of my inner narcissist” – photo-collage.

The day was full of discoveries, the deep work, acquaintance with yourself.
Photo – it is a small universe. Phototherapy – is the safe journey into the new world.Превью г2 (700x394, 286Kb)Превью г3 (700x525, 266Kb)Превью г4 (700x525, 271Kb)Превью г5 (700x394, 326Kb)Превью г1 (525x700, 350Kb)

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